Which Electric Shaver Should You Choose Out of The List?


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If you are used to shaving then it is most probable that you rely on your shaver to make you look presentable and feel hygienic but do you think that your shaver is serving you right? If you are using anything other than an electric shaver then this article will prove to be beneficial for you. We will be shedding light on a list that will help you pick one of the best 10 electric shavers, so let us dive right in.

Braun Series 7 790CC

The first feature that we would like to point out about this shaver is that it actually adjusts the power according to the hair density of the user which is what makes it a smart electric shaver. It is integrated with MicroMotion technology which allows it to shave perfectly according to the shape of your face and the blades are able to shave across areas like the jawline, near the nose and neck with the help of individual suspension. You get 5 modes with this shaver which can adjust to your skin type and shaving style and its 4 action clean and charge station is here to make your life heaven. It is worth the cost and has a high lifespan.

Panasonic ES-LV95 Arc 5

It would be a crime if we do not mention this shaver because it is known as the fastest shaver that gets you the most precise shave ever. The design allows you to handle the shaver in an easy manner and it automatically adjusts the power according to your hair. With its Lift-Tech foils, all the hair gets shaved evenly with 14,000 cuts every minute. This electric shaver allows you to choose dry or wet technology depending upon your preference.

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