Portable Water Filter is What You Need on Your Trip


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You might be thinking that carrying a portable water filter is the same thing as carrying bottles of water as both of them have weight and that is what hikers avoid. But there are pocket size water filters available that do not weigh more than 2-3 oz. It is somewhat necessary to carry a portable water filter as there is no way that you can take enough water with you. An average person needs around 5-6 liters of water and you obviously aren’t fool enough to carry more than one bottle.

Which Portable Water Filter Should You Get?

There are many that are available in the market with all of them having distinct features. You need to know which one suits your needs. If there are other people coming along on the rip and none of them are carrying one, it is likely that they’ll use yours. The Survivor Filter PRO can purify up to 2000 liters of water and comes with a replacement filter in case the original filter runs out. This one is good for taking on a family trip as it can purify large amounts of water. There is also the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter which is perhaps the best backpacking water filter. It is also known to be extremely effective and removes parasites and bacteria up to 99%. It produces almost 1000 gallons of safe drinking water. What else does a hiker need?

Backpack Essential

It is necessary to have some arrangement of water and portable water filters is the most convenient solution. It is not understandable to carry bottles of water when you know you’ll have to bear the weight yourself the entire trip. Portable filters can fit in any backpack and even in pockets.

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