Common Mistakes That People Make With Their Event Apps

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Event or meeting app usually are designed for the purpose of enhancing or adding to the experience of the participants and increase the event’s activities by at least twenty percent. However, since the apps are designed from scratch all of this tends to depend on the amount of time and resources that were put into designing it. if you want to get a better audience and turnover then you need to pay attention to the details as well and avoid making mistakes in the process of developing the app. With that said, there are a bunch of common mistakes that people have made in the past that we will be relaying to you so that while you are developing your own meeting app you do not end up repeating them and making your event look bad or less paid attention to. With that said, following are some of the most common mistakes that people make with their event apps, check them out below.

Not Marketing Your App in a Smart Manner

Just because you developed an app for your event does not mean that the attendees will be using it. In order to extend the user base of the app you have to market it in a smart and subtle manner otherwise people will find it annoying and will be put off by it. So leave the link of the app in your description, make your descriptions a little mysterious so that you can induce curiosity in the masses. You can also ask other people with their following to endorse their apps as well.

App Does Not Have an Interaction Tab

It is absolutely necessary that your app has an interaction tab for the participants to connect, discuss and socialize as well. This will ensure that people use your app as well. socialization is a key feature that should never be missing otherwise you are making a big mistake.


Put a Cam on The Dog

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Two of the most cutest things on the entire planet are puppies and babies. We love our babies, that is not even a question. We love our young and that is why we do whatever we can in order to protect them and take care of them. So now you must know about the concept of having a baby cam setup in your baby’s room. The purpose of that is to make sure your baby is sleeping soundly or playing with his toys when you are not near them. They come in handy when you are in the kitchen and the baby is in his room sleeping. So if something were to happen thes you could hurry to get to the baby before it gets bad.

Now we love our babies but our pets often get into trouble as well when we ar not there to take care of them. So why not introduce dog cams in to your home to check up on your dog when you are not there to check up on them. A dog cam can really help you keep your dog in check and out of trouble when you are not to aid them immediately. It can also help them with separation anxiety when you are going somewhere.

Now there are a lot of companies that are producing this product. So if you are confused about which dog cam is the best one for you then a great blog that can help you is Leigh’s dog cam post. Here you will find reviews about different dog cams so that you can select the best one for your little dog baby. So if you want to get one then read up before you do.

Home Improvement

The Benefits of Clean Carpets

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Have you ever considered what would happen if you just stopped doing laundry and just wore your dirty clothes? In fact, we do laundry without being taught why we do it in the first place? Now the answer is pretty straight forward, if we don’t wash our clothes then we are exposing ourselves to the filth that they carry and we could end up with some horrible diseases too because of this reason. That is why it is vital to clean clothes. As clothes are to our body the cloth in our houses like carpets and curtains are also very likely to make you sick.

Our carpets have to deal with a lot of dust and can be carrying many diseases but people very rarely get them cleaned.. That i the reason why so many carpets are infested with diseases that could be even fatal to us. A carpet is the greatest source of allergies in out homes. If someone in your home has breathing problems then an unclean carpet could make it a lot worse for them so if you don’t take care of it then you are just inviting these diseases to make you and every one of the members of your family sick.

Now we all know that living in the UK does not come cheap. Prices are high for almost everything so it can be very hard to find the money for professional carpet cleaning. Now for those people you can be rest assured because a thing as professional carpet cleaning London does exist and it will not leave you in a financial strain. You can clean your carpet for cheap and be rest assured that it will be done very professionally and without any hassle.


How to Choose The Best Golf Clubs?

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Whether you are an experienced golfer or just a beginner, buying sports gear and equipment of this game can be a daunting task. With each gold club serving unique functions it can be a hassle to make the best buying decision especially if you have no prior experience of the field. At this stage you might not be aware about your golf handicap at this moment; you can still select regular sized items so that you can evaluate your stroking capabilities. In order to make this process less painful and more enjoyable you need to look for a few things.

From fairway woods to iron sets you first have to be aware about the number of items you should be buying in order to complete your personal sports kit. In order to make sure you are not making any game rules, always keep less 14 golf clubs in your bag so that you don’t have to face any inconvenience. A driver that is shorter in length than your original requirement is always better than the one that is longer in size. Having the right type of driver would allow you to make accurate drives at short dances and make long sweeps for long distance shots. The club size 440cc might be the right option for you if don’t prefer forgiveness in most matches. From best wedges to supportive gloves, find most relevant information about golf on the webpage of the bro zone now.

Gone are the days when drivers were mostly made out of steel, as now most options in the market are produced from titanium. Because of its lightweight and durable nature, this is the best option for players to increase the head size. Having the idea of a basic set would allow you to make a better decision.


Let’s Talk Hippie

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Back in the 80’s, seeing youngsters with tie dyed clothing and shirts with bold blooming patterns and colours were pretty common. The hippie culture is somewhat of a constant thing that we see throughout the years. Even though we don’t have Grateful Dead concerts to go to anymore, there are still so many of us out there who aren’t afraid to wear a psychedelic shirt with a dream catcher around their necks.

We’ve seen youngsters from this subculture and we’ve seen seniors as well, which is as much proof as anyone would need to see that the hippie culture is more than just one of those phases of rebellion that some kids have in their teens and then they live their whole lives pretending like it never happened. Here’s why hippies dress the way they do.

It’s Their Identity

The next time you see someone dressed in boho and hippie clothing, go ask them if they like Pink Floyd and they’ll tell you a hundred other psychedelic rock bands that you might have never heard of. These people are in love with art and music and how they dress is part of how they express themselves and how they can tell each other apart when in a crowd. You can dress to express our love for art too, if you click here.

It’s a Rebellion

There’s so much wrong with the world that most of us just choose to ignore and live with but not hippies – they’re here to remind us all that things aren’t their best and we shouldn’t ignore it. They don’t need to get obnoxiously in your face with their opinions either, they’re non-conformists through and through and they even dress the part.


Which Electric Shaver Should You Choose Out of The List?

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If you are used to shaving then it is most probable that you rely on your shaver to make you look presentable and feel hygienic but do you think that your shaver is serving you right? If you are using anything other than an electric shaver then this article will prove to be beneficial for you. We will be shedding light on a list that will help you pick one of the best 10 electric shavers, so let us dive right in.

Braun Series 7 790CC

The first feature that we would like to point out about this shaver is that it actually adjusts the power according to the hair density of the user which is what makes it a smart electric shaver. It is integrated with MicroMotion technology which allows it to shave perfectly according to the shape of your face and the blades are able to shave across areas like the jawline, near the nose and neck with the help of individual suspension. You get 5 modes with this shaver which can adjust to your skin type and shaving style and its 4 action clean and charge station is here to make your life heaven. It is worth the cost and has a high lifespan.

Panasonic ES-LV95 Arc 5

It would be a crime if we do not mention this shaver because it is known as the fastest shaver that gets you the most precise shave ever. The design allows you to handle the shaver in an easy manner and it automatically adjusts the power according to your hair. With its Lift-Tech foils, all the hair gets shaved evenly with 14,000 cuts every minute. This electric shaver allows you to choose dry or wet technology depending upon your preference.


Why is The Kahuna Hubot HM-078 Massage Chair Popular?

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There are some brands in the massage chair market that are famous but we have experienced that some of the lesser known brands are better in manufacturing quality massage chairs that offer desirable features in inexpensive cost. We know that purchasing from known brands is easier as you can trust them but we would invite you to try brands that are new in the market because you might be surprised once you discover the benefits. We are here to talk about 3D Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic as pointed out in Health Nerdy’s guide as it is one of the best massage chairs out of all and we feel that everyone should be aware of it because of the many unique and useful features it offers.

HSL Track

HSL track is not available in many massage chairs which is why the Hubot HM-078 offers an exquisite massage. The body relaxing experience comes from the Hyper H and S track which provides a full back massage and relieves the tension in the muscles around the spine and the best thing is that the HSL track designs is of 52 inches and what makes the massage chair more enjoyable is the KMS-08M-225L system which allows it to run for an hour without any disruption or the need to charge.

Massage Techniques

Most people do not know their massage needs which is why this massage chair comes with not only the 6 famous massage modes but it also has 15 options that are already fed into the massage chair so that the user can use any one of them depending upon their need. This particular Kahuna’s chair is loved by its users as it has many massage techniques that are just like a chiropractic massage.


Children And Working

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It is not easy going back to work once you have children. The children will require your attention for a long time and even after your maternity or paternity leave is finished, you might end up feeling the need to stay behind at home for a little longer. For some people the issue is that they do not get any paternity or maternity leave at all and the days they take off they are not paid for. Some people just need to earn some extra money ever since they have had children as the costs of things have gone up quite a bit when there are more people to take care of. For any of these reasons, or something that is totally unrelated to this that still prevents you from earning with ease, you need to start earning online.

Leaving your children behind while you go to work is not something every person can do. Some people want to spend more time with their kids, some people need to take care of the children a little while longer, and some people cannot afford to have someone else come in and take care of the children. Whatever the reason may be, these people will need another way to earn money while not having to leave their kids behind. This is where something like working online comes in handy. When you can online geld verdienen you do not have to worry about having to leave the kids behind or running out of money as expenses build up. You can easily balance the two things and live in peace. If you are someone who has very little free time then you can even work as little as a hour every second day, but still being able to earn when you need some extra money.

Home Improvement

A Western Look

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If you are trying to make your home look a little more modern or make it look a bit more western in its look then there are a few simple tips you can follow to get that look down. First of all understand the different color palettes used by different cultures. For a more minimalistic and modern western look you should look at hues of brown and how you can incorporate them in to your house. Even if you do not want to use wood, as it is quite expensive, you can still get wood colored vinyl flooring or vinyl covering for some furniture items. This gives you the look you are going for and makes the room feel more warm but also more modern simultaneously. This is especially good if you do not like having things like tiled floorings or mosaic designs on the floor.

On top of the brown hues, which you can use as the base, ideally on the floor, you can try and incorporate colors like a cactus green or a light or sky blue to balance it out. Make sure you do not use these colors in too much an excess though as that can look bad. Splashes of these brighter and lighter colors will look great if used properly. Other colors that can be used, but might be a little harder to work with, include duller reds and oranges. You can use these colors to balance out the base of the brown. A good way to bring them in is through seating arrangements. Green sofa sets on brown vinyl flooring will look really good and will make the color pop in your house. A few smaller blue decorative pieces will complete the look. If you want more tips on modern room design, you can visit


The Usefulness of a Locksmith

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For most of us, a lock smith is someone we’d only ever think about if we’re stuck in an emergency lock out situation at the worst of times. There’s no telling when this could happen to you so it’s really a good idea to know a locksmith that you can call around the clock before any emergency situation even pops up. However, emergency situations aren’t the only use you’ll have of a locksmith either; the following will walk you through all the services offered by Tight Lock, the best locksmiths in Liverpool – read about them here.

Lock Replacement

The first thing you’ll want to do after you move into a new house is to replace all the locks. You’ll want to do this because you don’t know how old the locks are and more importantly because there’s no telling who might have a key to your house’s locks so it’s best to have your locksmith replace all the locks for you.

Repairs After Break Ins

If a burglar has broken into your house recently, there are two things that you can deduce from this; first your locks were weak enough to be broken into and second, your locks are now damaged from the break in and need repairs. You can also ask your locksmith to supply you with locks that offer more security as well this time around.

Installing Safes And Vaults

If you have weapons or extremely valuable items in your home then it’s best that you start considering having a vault or a safe in your place. This way, even if someone manages to break into your house, they won’t be able to crack into your safe in time before you notice.


Does Nutritional Cleansing Work?

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There are so many brands that promote cleansing and people blindly follow them without researching which is wrong because many of these cleansing programs are designed to burn fat and lessen weight by introducing fat burning food or supplement and restricting diet but that is the wrong way to go about the whole process.

Health To Wealth NZ is a brand that promotes nutritional cleansing and acknowledge the fact that this is the type of cleansing that would truly work in reducing weight of the people who would use the company’s products. The question here is if the nutritional cleansing really works?

Restricted Calories

When you follow a whole nutritional cleansing program, you tailor your diet in such a way that you cut down your calories to the amount that you absolutely need for your health which will help your body to only get the nutrition that you need and nothing additional.

Fat Percentage Reduced

Once you start doing the cleansing, you would notice over time that your body fat is being reduced. It is probable that you would not be able to notice it immediately so what you should do is take a picture of your body and look at it after a few of doing continuous cleansing and you would notice a difference. The ingredients in the cleansing supplement would help you burn down the bad fat in your body which would increase the quality of your health and look of your body.

Proper Nutrition

As we mentioned above, you would be getting the calories that are required by your body which means that there would not be any decrease in your nutrition intake which is why a nutritional cleanse would never be bad for your health and would achieve positive results if you do it right.


Why Watch Movies & TV Shows Online?

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There was a time that people used to download the movies and TV shows that they intended to watch but since sometime, online streaming of these things has become more popular though there is still a large population that downloads the content but even they cannot deny the benefits of watching either movies or shows online. 123 movies is a particularly loved site by the people as it the streaming speed is perfect and there aren’t many interruptions but there is more to sites that provide an option to watch movies and TV shows online than that.

No Downloading Hassle

Many people do not know how to download movies and TV shows which is understandable because there are a couple of steps involved so for them, watching them online is a much easier option because all they need to do is type in the movie that they want to watch on the site that has online movies and after a click, they would be able to watch it without any problems.

No Waiting

If you have a good Internet connection then you would be able to watch the movie of your choice without it buffering. Not only that, it’ll be available for you at the click of your mouse but if you want to download it  then you would need wait for it to download which would take a while and that clearly shows that the better option is to watch movies and TV shows online where you would not need to wait at all.

No Space Issues

People who download a lot of videos on their PC, laptop or cellphones, often do not have enough space left to download another movie which is why online streaming is perfect as you do not have to worry about the space left in your device.


Commonly Made Mistakes You Should Avoid If You’re Planning on Taking Couples Therapy

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If you are having problems in your marital life or because of your partner, then there is no point in staying unhappy however, dealing with the problem is important and avoiding it will brew resentment between both you and your romantic partner. Be it a marriage or any other form of romantic relationship, it is only human of us to fight and have problems but when you see that there is a constant trend and the fights are taking a toll on your mental wellbeing that is the time that you put your foot down and give marriage counseling in Alpharetta GA a shot before you just call everything off and go separate ways. It is important because at least you can say you did try your best to make it work even if it did not work out the way you wanted it to. But during couples therapy you need to make sure you are not making any mistakes, some of the most commonly made ones are discusses as follows, check them out below.

Trying to Rush Things

We know that, as someone who is going through a crisis, you want things to be fixed as soon as possible but what a lot of people forget is that humans are complex creatures and require time. You cannot push and shove or even rush a therapeutic process which is why it is important to let things roll out on a pace that is natural instead of rushing it.

Not Being Fully Honest With Your Therapist

Another big mistake people tend to make is that they are not completely honest about things, of course it takes time to open but you need to try to be as honest as possible so that your therapist can actively help you in resolving your issues.

Home Improvement

Things You Should Know as a Beginner Gardener

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From using food leftovers for the soil to preparing flowerbeds in the garden, there are many things you should know if this is your first time. When starting off you might think that you would not be able to achieve much by simply planting new flowers and trees, but once you get into this profession you would be able to notice its countless benefits. Nowadays more people are getting into this filed because of the awareness and education about the importance of plants for our environment. Not only do you end up doing something good for the surrounding but it also has positive effects on your health.

Many beginners face difficulty when their plants reach their mature age and need more water than ever before. When you plant those tiny seeds into the ground they don’t require more than a cup of water per day but as they grow their intake increases. Those people are lucky who have wells in their farms or private property and don’t have to pay extra charges in the water bill.

Whether it is organic gardening or commercial work, you need a lawn mower that would keep your entire outdoor property well-maintained. When the grass grows too long not only does it obstruct the beautiful view of flowers and herbs blooming in your garden but it can also be detrimental for the soil. If you are looking for reliable and well-researched reviews on the best mulching mowers in the market, then make sure to refer to the reviews on the website of Best Mowers. Depending upon the size of your front yard or garden where you have planted your plants, it is important to construct a timeline which includes all the important parts such as feeding, watering, and harvesting.


The Tools You Need

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The one thing that is really popular these days is DIY and that is good thing because it is teaching a lot of people the importance of recycling and how much talents people have when they actually sit down and decide to do some art. DIY are super easy and you will be surprised about the beautiful things you can make from the ordinary things that we see laying around us all the time. The one thing that you need for a good DIY is a good level of concentration and the proper tools. Now the thing about tools is that if you don’t have the proper ones then your DIY is more likely to mess up.

When we say that you need the proper tools, we do not mean that you need the most expensive ones in the market because that will just be a waste of money. One thing that is a dream come true for DIY enthusiast is the miller saw. It is an automatic saw that can help you cut clean lines without a lot of effort like the old hand saw. Now the thing about the miter saw is that there are a lot of types of miller saw in the market and some of them are way too heavy and big. You don’t need those ones if you are looking for simple DIY projects. So we recommend that you do your research before you buy. If you want a good miter saw than Hitachi C12RSH is one of the best 12 inch compound miter saws on the market. So that could be a great option for you garage or wherever you want to build your workshop. So look no further and buy one today.

Real Estate

Making Dealing in Real Estate Easier

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Real estate is a pretty tricky game to play; it’s tricky to buy because there are so many intricate processes involved in the transfer of ownership and it’s also tricky to sell because of how fast the market for property is changing. Prices can be pretty hard to navigate and then there are terms and conditions in the fine print that you may not know about and come to regret later on, especially if you’re new to the whole real estate business – in which case, it’s almost essential to know real estate lawyers that can help you understand what you’re dealing with better and keep you in a secure position through out the deal.

Real estate lawyers understand the legalities around any kind of a property exchange better than both the seller and the buyer, no matter how long they have been buying or selling. In many cases, deals are sealed without one side knowing the legal implications involved and in the long run, they might face problems because of this since the deal isn’t completely legal. Hiring a lawyer to oversee the deal can make it easier for you since they’ll make sure that the deal is legal through and through.

In the long run, there will be many instances where you may need to present certain documents about your property to certain legal and financial institutions. Your real estate lawyer can help you document all the information regarding your property such that you never have to be held accountable for any unclear details about your property. Even if you do have to clear somethings out about your property at any point, you’ll need your lawyer to represent you in court. Basically, having a real estate lawyer when dealing with property will always be the safer option, given the nature of the deal.


Advantages of Buying Good Quality Makeup

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One of the funniest things that I have come across in terms of so many people is that they ask me what the benefits of buying good quality, somewhat expensive makeup is. I always have the same answer, but somehow, people still ask me this question. The thing is that there are countless advantages of buying good quality makeup over cheap makeup. Since we are talking about makeup, why don’t you head over to idol lash if you want a great selection of makeup that you should choose from. Now there are certain some good advantages of buying makeup that is good in quality. So, in case you do not know about them, I am going to mention them below for your convenience.

Your Skin Will Not Get Damaged

The thing about cheap makeup is that it can damage your skin in more ways than one. Sure, you can simply buy makeup from the market, and you might think that it is good enough, but what you need to know here is that your skin might get damaged because of cheap makeup. On the other hand, good quality makeup is that you will not have to go through that turmoil of damaged skin.

It Looks Excellent

Another benefit of buying good quality makeup is that it looks excellent. The makeup that is good is actually resilient to several different conditions. Which basically means that you can wear it without having to worry about the makeup coming off. Sure, you are paying a good amount of money, but the good thing is that you are getting a lot in return, which makes the tradeoff all the more reasonable. Sure, in the end it is going to be your choice, but it is better to just know beforehand.

Real Estate

Sell Your Home Fast!

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If you are really worried that the condition of your home is such that you will find it really hard to sell it or even if it goes it will go for a really cheap price and you would suffer a great loss then you should stop worrying because there are different real estate agents which would love to buy your home no matter what the location is and what condition your home is in, these real estate agents have different teams of experts who are great at valuing your home, bring in buyers if you are willing to sell and even buy the property as well, if you are living in Austin then Austin All Cash home buyers is exactly the company you should get in touch with, this company is a bit different from the conventional real estate agents who act as mere agents and charge a particular fee, Austin All Cash home buyers buy property themselves as well.

This is a relatively new concept and there is no shame if you are unaware about it that there are different companies which are not agents yet buy your houses and then do whatever they want do with it, the general idea behind it is to sell for profit or rent it out, but whatever they intend to do with your house later is not a matter of your concern, they prove to be quick buyers and their legal work including the working papers and all is spot on, so if you want to sell home fast Austin, then just get in touch with Austin All Cash Home buyers and close the deal within days, it is quite likely that the deal would get through even with a week but that depends on the location and obviously the demand.


Adelaide’s Premier Hotel

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Adelaide, in Southern Australia, is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. It is a place where absolutely every person can enjoy themselves as it has hills to trek on, world renowned restaurants, beaches to visit, is surrounded by historical places, is an amazing destination wedding spot, and is considered to be one of the top ten wine capitals of the world. This is one of the most sought after destinations for any person looking to enjoy themselves in class and in style, and if you have not visited it yet, then you should definitely add it to your bucket list of places to go to in your life. Adelaide has a bit of everything for everyone.

The one place in all of Adelaide that best shows the true class and legacy of the region is the Mount Lofty House Adelaide Hotel. This hotel is the materialization of everything people love about Adelaide and more. The Mount Lofty House itself is a huge part of Adelaide’s history as it has been owned by some of the richest and most well known families in the region and has hosted some of the most infamous parties, and lavish weddings in Australia’s history. There is a lot to do here and a great many things to enjoy while here.

People who check in to the hotel are greeted on the first day with the welcome drinks in the library, which happen every night, and are given a tour around the grand house. Due to its previous owners botanical hobbies, the whole house is surrounded by nature and is very scenic. You can then start the next morning with a nice walk around the grounds, a match of tennis in their courts, or a dip in the swimming pool. It truly caters to all.


Gamma Sterilization And Medicine

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Whenever the topic of radiation or radioactive comes us, a lot of us automatically associate it with a negative picture in our minds. However, radiation and radioactive substances play an important role in a number of important sectors like science and medicine. In the field of medicine alone, radiation and radioactive substances come into play for treatments like cancer and for the sterilization of medical equipment as well.

Gamma sterilization/ irradiation, also known as the “Cold Process” is the most common means of sterilization since it can destroy bacteria very easily by stopping bacterial division and growth through the breaking down of bacterial DNA. Similarly, the energy that is emitted through gamma rays also destroys pathogens that can potentially cause contamination. Gamma rays are also capable of completely penetrating the material it is targeted at, regardless of its thickness. Plus, to clear out any misconception, the entire gamma irradiation process does not leave behind any residuals of radioactivity either, so the processed material is completely safe for use afterwards. Plus, the best thing about gamma irradiation is that it can be used on any kind of object, so dry, moist and frozen can all be treated by it.

However, the one problem that does occur as a result of the high penetration power of gamma sterilization is that it ends up damaging the very container the object is in, but this is a problem that can now be fixed. What you basically need is a coating that is resistant to gamma radiation like the PlastiGlide® from Surface Solutions Group. This coating is made from a polymer that is able to withstand gamma radiation without causing any side effects, damage or problems to the container or the material that is stored in it, making things easier for you.