Architecture Styles And Design

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An era is known for its architecture and design. Just by looking at a building people can judge what century and year it was made in. Today when times are a lot more modern there is a mix that is rising in architecture. People want to have the traditional charm but still also desire the modern appeal. That can be hard to achieve because traditional architecture was all about the intricate detail whereas the modern building compromises of straight lines and convenience. So how do we marry the two to make something great?

Today a lot of designers try to merge the two and the results are sometimes brilliant and sometimes a disaster. Some people know what they are doing whereas some people just build something and let the people decide what to do with it. So when the results are so haphazard then it can be scary to build a new structure. To help you out with this you need to have a good planner to design your building so that they are perfectly organized and have a good contrast. Now a good designer will not just appear out of the blue you need to do your research and find one. One brilliant way to find a good designer is by looking at their past work.

There are quite a few numbers of commercial architects in London and Essex. So you clearly have a lot to choose from but before hiring look them up and visit their past designs so you have a good idea of what they can give you. That way it won’t be going into the construction blinding and without any knowledge. So be careful when you construct so that you don’t have to make changes in the future.

Real Estate

Why Invest in Condos

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The real estate market is seeing a lot of changes in it ever since the housing market crash back in 2008. All of that caused a lot of damage and made the prices of housing shoot up exponentially. With all the debt that needs to be worked out and the number of different problems that are faced because of inflation, affording houses has never been more difficult. For people who need to find places to live, this is a very difficult time.

People do not know what to do and where to live. Even for people who are not necessarily broke or bankrupt, being able to afford a house can be difficult. This is why a lot of people have started moving towards condos and condominiums instead of investing in houses. Surprisingly, condos that have the same size in terms of living space can cost people around half or even one third of the price of a house of that size.

While this is because you do not own the land on which the condo is built, like you do with a house, it is still a huge difference in price and one that a lot of people are able to afford. Condominiums like Erin Square Condos give people easily affordable homes. Even though some people will point out that you have to pay a monthly fee to live in condominiums, you also get a number of benefits that you would not get with a house. You get added security and a lot of different amenities like swimming pools and in door gyms. However, aside from just the amenities you also end up getting maintenance done for you and upkeep for the entire condominium plus disaster relief. So all in all you end up in a pretty good position anyway.


Benefits of Extensions

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If you have never tried hair extensions before then you definitely should give it a shot. Hair extensions let you do a lot more that you normally would have to invest a lot of time and effort in to achieving and even then might not get right. Extensions nowadays are so technologically advanced that they look and feel exactly like real hair and it is now impossible to tell the difference between the real and the fake hair.

The hair extensions now let you do a lot more with your hair too. You can try different hair colors without having to damage your hair, you can test elaborate and difficult to maintain look for a few hours without having to commit to them. You can even reverse looks that you are unhappy with or want to change. Imagine getting your hair cut short but not liking how it looks. Normally you would be stuck with that but with hair extensions you can get the hair length increased in a single day and then keep it like that until your hair naturally grows to that level.

With something like the clip on hair extensions, you can literally change the length and style of your hair on a daily basis. If you like experimenting a lot, all you need to do is try on a few different type of hair extensions that you can add to your by simply clipping the hair extensions on to your regular hair. This lets you put on and take off hair styles with ease. It also helps people who have a particular type of hair and want to see what other types of hair would suit them. For example a person with hair that is thin and straight might want to try curly or wavy hair. To know more, go to www.millionairehair.co.uk.


The Third Revolution in Modern Warfare

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Humans have been trying to improve their ability to maim and kill for as long as history can tell us, whether it is for self-defence or for ensuring their survival, we humans have always put a lot of effort into making efficient and ruthless weapons. Modern warfare is incredibly devastating thanks to explosives, killing machines powered by oil and gunpowder and nuclear weaponry that has the potential to permanently scar our planet. Unfortunately, the creation of nuclear weapons was not enough to signal countries to slow down the development of their weaponry.

The world is soon about to see the next big step in modern warfare; unmanned autonomous weapon systems, computerized machines that shall have the ability to select, identify and kill targets without humans having to tell them anything at all. Robots with the ability to kill is a pretty old concept, one that is quite common in the Science Fiction genre, but now this futuristic idea is finally becoming reality. While unmanned weapon systems have been under development for many years, this technology was not thought of as much of a threat, however it has finally reached a phase where it has become a big enough concern to have military artificial intelligence persons from across the world gather for a meeting in the U.N offices.

This meeting gave us plenty of insights on how far the world’s armies had come with artificial intelligence; the Russian Government’s personnel announced their development of a weapon that would make use of neural networks to decide whether to shoot or not, the US department of defence also showcased their development of fully autonomous drones flying in a swarm. According to what the US DOD shared at the meeting, this drone swarm acted as a single organism and has a huge number of options for weaponizing them.

There has been a lot of debating against automated weapon development for quite a while now, mostly because of the fact that having a killer robot that has no emotions and no conscience deciding who should it kill and not kill is quite frightening. The scariest fact is that despite all the protests against the development of such weapons, the world’s leading militaries have already made a lot of progress in this field. Leading countries are several steps ahead of regulating authorities, meaning that there is very little control over what kind of weapons are currently being worked on.

While fully automated and unmanned weapons sound really cool and technologically impressive, they can also become really big threats on the battlefield; a machine that decides who lives and who dies will have a hard time identifying civilians from combatants and knowing when to stop killing the opposing force. The list of potential problems robots can introduce to the battlefield is quite long, the biggest being a complete lack of human judgement on the battlefield. Killer robots sound fascinating, but they are equally dangerous.


A Millimetre Wide Camera That Will Never Run Out of Energy

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The advances that we have made in technology are downright extraordinary, as we continue to push forward we are managing to find ways of improving on existing technology and make it even better. The photography and videography industry has made leaps of advances in the past few decades; cameras have become more powerful, more versatile and now, smaller as well. We have had button sized cameras around for a while now, but we have not had a camera that is only a millimetre wide and has is powered by light.

This fascinating “camera” is basically a photovoltaic cell that creates a picture by recording the amount of light that hits each if its cells, this results in the generation of a picture. The sensor also stores energy that it receives from the light hitting it and provide itself with enough power to make the picture generation process possible. The reason behind why photovoltaic cells have not been used like this until now is the fact that photovoltaic cells can either store energy or measure light; they are not able to carry out both of these processes simultaneously.

Researchers found a solution to this problem by simply stacking these cells, Euisik Yoon and Sung-Yun Park made the discovery that photovoltaic cells are not entirely opaque and do allow light to pass through them. This led to them realizing that by stacking one cell on top of the other, both functions can be performed simultaneously. So far the images that this camera is capable of producing are quite mundane, but researchers are confident that they could significantly improve image quality by making a few tweaks here and there.

A millimetre sized camera sounds quite interesting, but it also leads to many people thinking of it as a potential tool used by spies and voyeurs, luckily this “camera” is only a camera in essence, it lacks many of the components needed to make it a proper image capturing device. Meaning that we can rest assured that no miniscule cameras will be spying on us any time soon.


Fitness Tracking Like Never Before

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There is no shortage of fitness tracking devices out there, all of which pretty much offer the same set of features that let you record details about your body through Bio-impedance analysis. The fitness tracking market is pretty saturated and lacks innovation at the moment, this is where the AURA band comes in; a kickstarter project that is currently under development. The AURA band basically takes bio-impedance analysis to a whole new level by providing people with the ability to gather real-time data about their bodies.

The AURA band works by passing a low-voltage current through the body and then analyses how our body reacts to that current, based on data gathered by this active and reactive measurement technique, this band allows wearers to take a far more detailed look at their bodies. The band also makes use of other sensors which track key aspects of one’s body (like fat, muscle mass, hydration and minerals) and then provides all of this data in an easy to understand way through a dedicated app that shall be available for Android and Apple phones.

The AURA band is quite close to reaching its funding goal on kickstarter at the moment, the amount of backing that it has is encouraging but one should still take any crowdfunding campaign with a bit of salt.

The most innovative feature about the AURA band is that it will reward users with AURA coins for engaging in healthy activities, these coins will then be spendable with partners that the project plans on having. You can learn more about the AURA band on its kickstarter page and also get a prototype version of the device by supporting it.