Let’s Talk Hippie


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Back in the 80’s, seeing youngsters with tie dyed clothing and shirts with bold blooming patterns and colours were pretty common. The hippie culture is somewhat of a constant thing that we see throughout the years. Even though we don’t have Grateful Dead concerts to go to anymore, there are still so many of us out there who aren’t afraid to wear a psychedelic shirt with a dream catcher around their necks.

We’ve seen youngsters from this subculture and we’ve seen seniors as well, which is as much proof as anyone would need to see that the hippie culture is more than just one of those phases of rebellion that some kids have in their teens and then they live their whole lives pretending like it never happened. Here’s why hippies dress the way they do.

It’s Their Identity

The next time you see someone dressed in boho and hippie clothing, go ask them if they like Pink Floyd and they’ll tell you a hundred other psychedelic rock bands that you might have never heard of. These people are in love with art and music and how they dress is part of how they express themselves and how they can tell each other apart when in a crowd. You can dress to express our love for art too, if you click here.

It’s a Rebellion

There’s so much wrong with the world that most of us just choose to ignore and live with but not hippies – they’re here to remind us all that things aren’t their best and we shouldn’t ignore it. They don’t need to get obnoxiously in your face with their opinions either, they’re non-conformists through and through and they even dress the part.

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