Kinds of Boilers to Install in Your Property


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Most people do not possess much knowledge about boilers which is surprising because boilers play an important role in each household. If you have some information, it would help when the technicians would ask you questions about your preference before they choose a boiler for your property.

For a quick quote on boiler installation or repair, call today. If you want to know the different types of boilers common for residential properties, keep reading on as we talk about them in detail.

Combination Boilers

They are also known as combi boilers and refer to the type that combines efficient water heating and central heating boiler in one place. This particular type of boilers are known to be the most cost effective and energy efficient boilers in the market. They free up a lot of space in the property because they do not require a hot water cylinder or cold water storage tank because they work their magic from the mains. Since they are connected to the mains, you would not need to install a pump and would get perfect water pressure.

System Boilers

If you do not have much loft space then this boiler is for you as it would only require you to purchase a hot water cylinder. It has all the other parts built into it which gives way to easy installation. It works best if you have a solar water heating system and saves your money.


These are the traditional or regular boilers and should be your choice if you are replacing a boiler in an old radiator system. It would require you to have a cold water storage tank, hot water cylinder and would work the best with the traditional kind of hot water and heating system.

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