Fitness Tracking Like Never Before


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There is no shortage of fitness tracking devices out there, all of which pretty much offer the same set of features that let you record details about your body through Bio-impedance analysis. The fitness tracking market is pretty saturated and lacks innovation at the moment, this is where the AURA band comes in; a kickstarter project that is currently under development. The AURA band basically takes bio-impedance analysis to a whole new level by providing people with the ability to gather real-time data about their bodies.

The AURA band works by passing a low-voltage current through the body and then analyses how our body reacts to that current, based on data gathered by this active and reactive measurement technique, this band allows wearers to take a far more detailed look at their bodies. The band also makes use of other sensors which track key aspects of one’s body (like fat, muscle mass, hydration and minerals) and then provides all of this data in an easy to understand way through a dedicated app that shall be available for Android and Apple phones.

The AURA band is quite close to reaching its funding goal on kickstarter at the moment, the amount of backing that it has is encouraging but one should still take any crowdfunding campaign with a bit of salt.

The most innovative feature about the AURA band is that it will reward users with AURA coins for engaging in healthy activities, these coins will then be spendable with partners that the project plans on having. You can learn more about the AURA band on its kickstarter page and also get a prototype version of the device by supporting it.

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