Dealing With a Blocked Drain Effectively

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There is no such thing as a house that has never run into a drainage or plumbing issue. Drainage issues are actually really common in households, and one of the most common drainage issue that we face is a blocked drain. Now, a blocked drain can be caused by a foreign object lodging into your pipe or drainage system, this can vary from toilet paper, toys, food objects, grease, and even tree roots and leaves in case of outdoor drains.

When it comes to dealing with a blocked drain, most of us initially try to deal with the problem through a plunger or a draining rod. If you try to look up information online, it will ask you to use certain cleaning agents and chemicals, and this is something we strongly advise against. Using chemicals and agents you are not familiar with can end up not only damaging your health, but also your pipes as well.

The most effective way to clear a blocked is opt for drain jetting. This involves high pressure water to shoot out of a pipe, and the pressure of the water is able to navigate through the pipes and then ultimately break away or dislodge whatever was causing the blockage. They are home drain jet kits available, however, we once again advise you not to handle it yourself because if you are careless, you will only end up causing more problems for yourself later. So, when it comes to dealing with a blocked drain and clearing it out, call in the experts and let them come in with their own tools, and handle the process of using a drain jet themselves. This will ensure that the blockage is taken care of properly and no harm or damage has been caused in the process either.

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