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Things to Keep in Mind Before Replacing The Windshield

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If your car’s windshield got caved in somehow, it’s fairly obvious that you won’t be out driving anytime too soon. In fact, you might not even be able to drive your car to the repair shop while it’s in this condition. The good news is that almost all windshield repair services understand this and they won’t make you drive with a broken windshield – you can just have them tow your car to the shop. But before you head out in search of cheap windshield repairs, you should know a few things about replacing windshields.

Safety Standards

Both your safety and the safety of your passengers greatly depends on how solid your windshield is. That said, it’s really important that your windshield is installed according to the Federal safety standards. Even if the parts are authentic, the repair service you go to has to be one that’s certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council. Don’t let your greed for cheap windshield repairs make the wrong decision for you.

Genuine Parts

After-market windshields might be significantly cheaper than OEM ones and they’ll fit the frame of your car just as well. However, these aren’t exactly the safest ones out there. OEM windshields won’t break without a few warning signs but these ones might. Always make sure that you use genuine parts for the critical safety components of your car, always.

Know Who You Go To

Even if the repair shop you know of is certified, there might be other aspects of their service that might not sit well with you. You want to make sure that you go to a repair shop that has good pricing and are helpful. Word of mouth is a good way to know who to go to.