Are You Cleaning Up After You Smoke


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Smoking is a sensitive topic for a lot of people, especially when the topic puts the smoker’s family in context. Smoking is in no way healthy for you and if your family has accepted that you smoke, it took an emotional toll on them to do so, so in return you owe them good etiquette in the very least, wouldn’t you say? If you’re a smoker, you’re probably thinking that you got that covered since you’re considerate of those around you when you smoke, but there might be something you’re missing here.

If you pick up your cigarette butts after you smoke, you’re doing a good job and are setting a much needed good example for smoker all over the world. If you make sure to always use an ash tray then you pretty much deserve a gold star for great smoking etiquette but there’s another thing you need to do to make sure that you aren’t causing any disturbance to others when you’re smoking – you need to clean up the air as well.

To be honest, the most immediate reason why people don’t want to be around someone who’s smoking is because it can make the air reek and they know that it’s really unhealthy for them as well. Smoking is never a healthy thing to be doing, and we’ve all grown up being told again and again that passive smoking is even worse. The smoke you receive from your lit cigarette is filtered but the smoke that goes into the environment isn’t.

So how do you get your air cleaned of smoke? You go to this web page and get a nice air purifier for your home or office to remove cigarette smoke from the air when you’re done.

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