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If you are trying to make your home look a little more modern or make it look a bit more western in its look then there are a few simple tips you can follow to get that look down. First of all understand the different color palettes used by different cultures. For a more minimalistic and modern western look you should look at hues of brown and how you can incorporate them in to your house. Even if you do not want to use wood, as it is quite expensive, you can still get wood colored vinyl flooring or vinyl covering for some furniture items. This gives you the look you are going for and makes the room feel more warm but also more modern simultaneously. This is especially good if you do not like having things like tiled floorings or mosaic designs on the floor.

On top of the brown hues, which you can use as the base, ideally on the floor, you can try and incorporate colors like a cactus green or a light or sky blue to balance it out. Make sure you do not use these colors in too much an excess though as that can look bad. Splashes of these brighter and lighter colors will look great if used properly. Other colors that can be used, but might be a little harder to work with, include duller reds and oranges. You can use these colors to balance out the base of the brown. A good way to bring them in is through seating arrangements. Green sofa sets on brown vinyl flooring will look really good and will make the color pop in your house. A few smaller blue decorative pieces will complete the look. If you want more tips on modern room design, you can visit http://mydecorative.com/tips-to-incorporating-western-decor-and-western-rugs-into-your-home/.

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